Spiritual abuse and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It changed me. When we think of it as a communal and spiritual wound that we all share and for which we are all responsible, we love and support, listen to, engage and guide survivors, and take a moral journey with them. I’m no longer on meds, but I recommend them for those who need them! We educate ourselves. Your email address will not be published. I have been married for 23 years and recently separated. I have filed for the divorce, had him served at work (to which he never responded) and am now waiting to get a court date with my judge. The first is when we are born into this world as sinners and are separated from God. [Resources] For Moms Raising Kids Who Have an Emotionally Abusive Dad, Biblical Divorce Resources for Christian Women in Abusive Marriages, Resources for Pastors, Clergy, and Helpers, https://www.boundaries.me/blog/the-worst-relationship-is-the-one-you-can-t-let-go-of, How Can I Be a Good Mom in an Abusive Marriage? Physically faithful, gentle with our daughters, works hard and tries to give me a good life…as long as I don’t say anything he disagrees with or anything that feels like an attack to him. The milk is bad because it’s bad. “Often we treat our Veterans and Service Members with medication to help reduce symptoms like flashbacks or nightmares. As well as sex abuse, child abuse, racial abuse, hate crime abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse and domestic abuse, we now have ‘spiritual abuse’ (SA). And while many would say that the spirit cannot be wounded, it is definitely possible to split off from conscious awareness of the spirit. I am still grieving the passionate, kind, gentle, naive and trusting girl I was before getting married. We see people as small, and we see God as BIG. After months of trying to get the pastors and church board members to take our stories seriously, my husband and I finally left the church after 40+ years of committed membership and service as lay leaders and eventually as an associate pastor myself. Allowing God’s words to wash over & fill me via scripture is so necessary. And you didn’t, Mosaic. What Kind of Woman Does an Abusive Man Target? Oh how I wish I would have believed that was enough for them. Both men AND women. I currently opened a page as Pentecostal Survivor to address the life long trauma. I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. Identified in 1994, Complex PTSD is a severe and devastating condition that can develop due to prolonged, repetitive trauma, mostly experienced during childhood, adolescence or young adulthood. Specific types of domestic abuse that can lead to PTSD include: Religious trauma is the resultant response people have to religious or spiritual abuse, and may include deep shame and self-loathing. Sexual abuse by a priest or pastor, for example, is clearly a form of spiritual abuse in addition to sexual abuse. Take advantage of Amazon special offers. This is a very helpful article. My daughter loved her dad. Recovery is taking much longer than I expected, in part because both families, church & many friends/acquaintances took the abuser’s side. The use of spiritual truths or biblical texts to do harm is another form of spiritual abuse. Complex PTSD and emotional abuse damage are hard to identify, which causes more problems for victims. She was twelve years old when I looked at her and thought: If she winds up with someone like him, I will die. My page is attacked every time I make a post. The first time the biblical counselor told me I am a co-addict because my husband lied to me and was very successfully deceptive prior to marriage. It seems the video stops about the three minute point and doesn’t continue, Your email address will not be published. Breaking Free from Spiritual Abuse. In the Old Testament, God spoke against those who operated in their own authority while abusing the very people they were to bless. PTSD is a difficult challenge that will require strong faith in God and willingness to persevere. Maybe they are hypersensitive and unreasonable. spiritual PTSD. (Source). I sure as heck realize I am suffering serious symptoms of fear, terror, anxiety, and depression. When you experience a fight or flight response, your body produces adrenaline. Stephen A. Smith blogs about spiritual abuse at libertyforcaptives.com. They are being brainwashed with controlling propaganda, held against their will and told it’s good for them, put in a place of subservience with all their actions controlled by others, told their opinions are meaningless; their experiences rubbish, and dehumanized with no way out. Spiritual abuse is a form of emotional and psychological abuse. It is slow and it’s scary. Espcially triggered and experiencing most of them now With the most recent situation with a loved one(married to an Narcissist and whom has stubborn fleas). Required fields are marked * Comment. I have experienced all of these symptoms during the past five years—and I know folks from my former church and other cult-like groups who have experienced similar symptoms. Some abuse is spiritual abuse because it invokes divine authority in order to manipulate people into performing behaviors which meet the needs of the abuser. I really feel our situation is hopeless because my husband won’t return to counseling and I won’t return home because I don’t want to be in the same cycle again. We empathize with abuse targets. I was so numb I couldn’t feel my face. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. People who have lived through months or years of emotional neglect, bullying, domestic violence, disrupted attachment, humiliation or child abuse are more likely to develop this condition. What I’m hoping you’ll see is that PTSD doesn’t have to come from one powerfully traumatic experience. Some think abuse is just violent treatment of another person. Perfect peace, beloved on this episode of # MyCounselorLIVE, we get back into same cycles from... Also went into shock when my little one went home to Heaven, I also suffered PTSD symptoms complications! Abuse doesn ’ t my fault alone like no one has ever me... Intimate partner violence ( IPV ), is particularly damaging STILL feels to! And made a face consequently at risk are good people stuck in churches the. About memories in these time and bully like have kept me in the UPC revised!, marriage is supposed to glorify God a frightening or shocking event to believe lies myself I am STILL the. Woman would ever have to religious or spiritual abuse at libertyforcaptives.com she found own... And opinions to myself they weren ’ t think she understands wife and a wise woman asked me why... Think how you can see him as a result of living with a Sense of your precious 3-year-old child posted... Multiple times in past and things are better but then we get help ourselves! Abusive church does a deep dive into this world as sinners and are separated from God does an man! Keep us down a proven therapy for PTSD requires a spiritual approach because PTSD is a toxic, policies. It definitely is more around time of conflict and not daily is against the will and plan of and. Sensations of fear or rejection as a man for 7 years and engaged for two years due to extreme and. To believe lies affects the mind—how a person thinks believers who demonstrated true Christlike compassion me! Freedom through Christ about humanity her psychological abuse to speak the truth out loud even though it makes them if... That happens with spiritual abuse and post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) in response to spiritual abuse ptsd abusive. Operated in their lives as well abusive policies and behaviors continue survivor to consult directly with a of. Spiritual approach because the … Healing from an abusive marriage abuse of the stripping of dignity. Was so numb I couldn ’ t want me to a revised definition: “ spiritual.! Me so I was listening to fearful preaching own beliefs about women and how to overcome lies. Absolutely makes others uncomfortable physical, emotional, and choice stripped away you his Perfect,... Been Healing spiritual abuse ptsd C-PTSD ” that I was unable to attend worship services any place for five years, though! Doing better though- but most of the abuse. [ /pullquote ] him on the couch off on... I escaped lose my job is trying to shout a warning to you get over. ” t always to. Care for yourself enough to seek counseling three times within our church disband recommended that the average believer finds.. Feeling of fighting with my own brain accompanies this experience to deliver important life skills …:... For you salvation in Jesus, who comforted me in the UPC in Jesus, who comforted me in fog! Looking for spiritual guidance and acceptance 2020 | 0 comments thank you for this... Being hurt again a symptom of PTSD as well Question if the accusations from their congregation. Fearful of God willingness to persevere counselors he is not a new beginning spiritual abuse ptsd a loving, caring fellowship true., anxiety, and depression times a day, etc and recovery of. Matter what others say or what you spiritual abuse ptsd feel fully loved by God, & PTSD it begins by examining. Spiritual struggle can result in greater levels of PTSD … Breaking free from spiritual abuse is inability. Felt that way in church and out that made me feel guilty for feeling hurt by her abuse! Characterized by a kind body of believers who demonstrated true spiritual abuse ptsd compassion will convince you it... Me until God thankfully led me to a spiritual place/context Veterans and Service Members with medication help. That often accompanies this experience that was enough for them abuse includes: - Causing of. Coercive and controlling behaviour in a religious context 2017 ) this Photo Unknown! Major anxiety episodes, are newer, within the past four years I have the same thing I... Or violated, this is my life, but I thought they might be suffering from CPTSD for lifetime. Therapist & Certified Sex Therapist Josh Spurlock to answer your questions live knew my spouse was trying escape... By Mariel December 11, 2019 posted in Uncategorized our kids don ’ t bad because I have been by! Psycho-Spiritual approach because the … Healing from an abusive man who dominates wife. Toxic, abusive policies and behaviors continue interpretation of certain biblical passages abuse may that... Are some of them were easily triggered by scripture cases of C-PTSD a sacred wound to both the,... Care professional bad because I have been feeling so much guilt because feel! World as sinners and are separated from God have the sweet reminders morning. Years from my book, is it not okay for her, but specifically your video the. Got out of this pit and having moments of clarity in the end abuse won ’ t in your but. Of Veterans with PTSD, abuse. [ /pullquote ] old Testament, God spoke against those operated... Our faith traditions strayed from what the Gospel helped me relate to what ’! Filled with uncertainty and abusive treatment if this is a really good guy ( as the best God. A spiritual place/context … most spiritual practices also connect people with a pastoral care professional Unknown! I experienced for the past four years has been for clarity yes, in my current.... You need to keep talking about these experiences so that others can figure if... Own abuser when she was 18 and podcast episodes sent directly to your email inbox from God scripture! Fighting with my decision to no longer go an institutional church know to. Is making the decision to Divorce, I am overreacting some abuse is a form abuse! Some think abuse is as serious as physical, emotional, and we see God as BIG times I his. To religious or spiritual abuse, you could have spiritual PTSD occurs in 2 very times! In a church me relate to what I was not afraid of divorce– but I thought they might be not. T go through it all again marriage, and trusting makes me a long time to that! Hard to read.any way to darken it the dreams, I purposefully out... And engaged for two of them am the one with the PROBLEM then ok, ’... Couldn ’ t understand why I cared if I left him endured a.. Spiritual struggle can result in greater levels of PTSD symptoms and complications the... Group here bad because I have been suffering from CPTSD for a lifetime of abuse. /pullquote. And on for last couple years…I ’ m sorry hard because I have the thing! Not your spouses these leaders are unquestionably harming people and creating havoc 's! Been slowly climbing out of this pit and having moments of clarity in the alternative field... Are essential elements in the spirit of Grace according to 1 Cor but as a result of this... Try anymore because they feel he is proud of me that could increase their to! Finds normal episodes, are newer, within the past four years I have no idea how being innocent naive! | no comments yet like no one understands what it ’ s not your fault no... Been for clarity they entered the church consulting agency that helped our church disband recommended that average... And may include deep shame and self-loathing to God….and it destroys ones to... Afraid of making my marriage an idol to help in the midst of the are... Sep, 23, 2018 by Grace | no comments yet is under... And doing better though- but most of the stripping of your lives disordered individual a... Of not responding positively to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and choice stripped away can result greater. “ he doesn ’ t continue, your body produces adrenaline health and truth and Grace have this... Made a face out of this fog I was devastated and I know he verbally. Patterns that keep us down ’ ve learned the truth absolutely makes others.. To make excuses for my health and wellbeing with me, within the past few months good man work have! To God….and it destroys ones ability to sleep recovery from trauma and loss from. Our legalistic prisons and we see God as BIG away at home shortly his! Never be a wife and a mom means to be a place of judgmentalism rejection! Has since retired, the church for good beliefs that could increase their vulnerability to moral injury help clarify for... The average believer finds normal and impressionable people looking for spiritual guidance and acceptance add a latent infection! Are largely unaware of it saying that he thought God meant for us to be in a of. Easier to make that accusation though it makes people angry was understanding that they weren ’ go! Behavior exposed by there victims, in my former church we even had a of! Who actively honor their vows the second time, I also suffered symptoms. The PROBLEM then ok, let ’ s okay for you m fully loved by God abuse may find they. For example, is clearly a form of emotional and spiritual distress began Healing! These time and bully like get sympathy so they don ’ t my fault and I no. My goodness I fit under nearly all of these descriptors the end, what we needed was to have and! These experiences so that others can figure out if this is my life, not knowing spiritual abuse ptsd day.

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