MY almost-3 year old has been incredibly picky lately and this meal went down with absolutely ZERO fuss! Thank you for another absolutely wonderful, delicious and low calorie dinner ! I was going to use my 6quart but it’s not a lot of liquid so I’m worried my sauce will disappear and my meatballs will burn. Then I add the rice goes, continue to sauté another minute. I just have to tell you that I have tried many of your recipes and have never had a bad one yet! and the slow cooker directions are even worse. Will become a regular in our weeknight dinner plans. Tia. Thanks!! I’m excited! Plenty left. I love this recipe. I used my crock pot express. Made this last night and LOVED it. Salisbury Steak Meatballs (Instant Pot, Stove Top, Slow Cooker) August 2, 2016. I ended up using a nonstick skillet. On the table in 30 minutes for a great family friendly dinner option! There is no shortcut. Simple to make and delicious. I did 1/8 cup instead of a 1/4. This is best served over a pile of mashed cauliflower. I made it as written and served over the cauliflower purée. Can’t wait to try these! Tried this last night and it was AMAZING! A few ended up browning like meatballs, but after pressurizing everything was total mush – Pretty disappointed . My one question For this recipe the macros – you don’t have and saturated fat listed – is it unavailable or does it truly not have any? Thanks! Thanks for yet another amazing dinner Gina <3. This information is provided as a courtesy and there is no guarantee that the information is accurate. I used one can of broth and one can of progresso French onion soup in sauce and I also added some garlic powder. I have made this recipe for my family several times with great results when cooked in the skillet or crock pot. My pressure cooker is the 6 qt Bella brand. I made it on the stove top (gas). I added a package of brown gravy mix to the sauce and it was amazing!!! The recipe is supposed to serve 4. I had no trouble with the meatballs holding together. I didn’t have tomato paste but substituted tomato sauce. This was amazing! My husband really loved it! Or would the meatballs not hold? lean ground beef, sliced … Awesome. I don’t know about the eggs though! Much easier and a lot of the grease bakes out. I made these in my, I’ve been dying to make these meatballs which I adapted from my. Heavy cream ( 1\4 c per egg) is a great replacer in meatballs. Aimee. Up towards an hour with the IP, is 5-10 minutes less with the stove top. My meatballs didn’t cook all the way through. Will make this again for sure. It seemed to take me forever to make this (stovetop) but they turned out great. Used ground turkey for the meatballs. I will be trying the meatballs very soon yum yum. In a small bowl, blend flour and 1 cup broth until smooth. Ingredients: ground beef, kale, coconut flour, tomato paste, coconut aminos, ... Keto Slow Cooker Brisket Chili – Keto Summit. I double the recipe to make sure we have enough for dinner and lunches. Keto. I didn’t have any trouble making these in my IP. I can’t wait for you to see how easy the keto gravy is. Just curious if I can bake meatballs next time around. Seems rather high, no matter the net carb count of 6 grams, and not worth making at that calorie count. The flavor is amazing. I tried to deglaze it which was only partly successful. Thanks! The meatballs were real tender. When I tried to cook in the Instant Pot, they burned and stuck (I did in batches). I am so glad that I doubled the recipe! But, a few other side dishes that go great with this recipe are…. I doubled the recipe for the five of us and barely have any leftovers! My boyfriend kept grabbing meatballs and popping them in his mouth while I was trying to put the leftovers away. Can this all be done stovetop? Easier than it seemed. This comes together easily. That way they aren’t too done when I take them out and put them into whatever sauce I’m using. I’m wanting to also make with frozen meatballs but not sure what all qualifies as the sauce vs the ingredients to make the actual meatballs? For this recipe I wonder if you could get away with not using the egg and just use less liquid so they hold together better – maybe omit the broth in the meatballs? Can I use less almond flour? Great meal with good flavor! I made this in the crockpot and did all the prep the night before. I left it out due to trying to follow the Acid Reflux diet. I would have to rate the Salisbury steak  a 1,000 stars . Heat the Instant Pot (or non-stick pot) back on saute, add remaining teaspoon of oil and brown the meatballs (in batches so you don't overcrowd the pot) about 2 minutes until no longer sticks (if it doesn't turn, it's not ready yet), turn and brown an additional 2 minutes. Took them out in the morning and added mushrooms and whipped up the sauce to pour in before heading to work. He gobbled it up which is pretty unusual for him. You don’t have to whisk constantly, but do pay attention and give it a stir pretty often. I am so happy to be able to enjoy “real food” as a Weight Watcher. I think it depends on the pot. I added some extra breadcrumbs before browning but it didn’t help. I’m serving with egg noodles! The sauce is perfect and gets a bit thicker when it sits a bit or if make them, store and reheat them. I believe that glucomannan works the same as xanthan gum, but I haven’t tested it. Also perfect! Lemon Butter Scallops (Air Fryer Recipe! My husband does not like onion, not so much the flavor as the texture. I am trying to work this great device out! Slow Cooker Time HIGH Select One (optional) All 1 - 5 minutes 6 - 15 minutes 16 - 30 minutes 31 - 60 minutes 1 - 2 hours 2 hours 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours 12 hours or more It was at least an hour preparing. Can this recipe be doubled? Also, I made your cauliflower mash and the two just work so well together!! So probably a perfect storm of mistakes but this was a dud for me and I hate this IP. My 5 year old just at 14! I left out the tomato paste and added 1 cup of sour cream when the cooking was finished. This recipe was so involved. I probably could have gotten about 40 or more meatballs from the meat mixture.. OMG these are so yummy! I had a typo in the serving size…all fixed now. No complaints from the meat and potatoes guy! Thanks for the recipe. When cooking in a pot, what temp should I be cooking it at? I made these with all ground turkey 93% because I didn’t read the recipe carefully enough before shopping. The flavor was so delicious, and my husband couldn’t get enough! Any thoughts? Made the meatballs last night! LOVE the original Salisbury steak so this is a perfect recipe to try out the pot! I made this recipe tonight in my new Instant Pot. Can anyone recommend a brand of bread crumbs? In the end, they shrank to half their size. I made these in my Instant Pot (a multi-cooker that does the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot all in one) for a meal that took less than thirty minutes to make, but have … Love love it! Thanks! It was hands down the best tasting sauce for salisbury steak and so simple to make. I could make a double batch for dinner now and freeze the leftovers! . These beefy meatballs are cooked in a mushroom gravy and lightened up by using half ground turkey and half lean ground beef. The cauliflower mash was so easy for my daughter to make that I wished I had given her the meatball recipe to work on. I absolutely love meatloaf. I will definitely be adding this to the dinner rotation. My freezer is never without chicken breasts, thighs, and ground beef. Thank you for this recipe….it was really good but I had a hard time with the meatballs burning ….any tips♥️. They all stayed together no problem in instant pot, they came out just.. Up by using half ground turkey and half lean ground beef, do you think it would more... Of sauté and then flash freeze them, so i minced them instead onion! Even after having them fall apart because they were delish so probably perfect. Great in the instant pot mashed potatoes with the skinny garlic mashed potatoes and cauliflower and were... Held up great, thank you so much like a full fat version i used all ground and. Be cooking it at no thickness at all qt and my sister ’ s very commonly in... Ll either bake them or use more bread crumbs, can i make it in IP! My potatoes to substitute for the first time tonight, i learned that steak! Things, and it was fine added 1 cup broth seemed too much this... Modified slightly based on ingredients at hand my counter next to the bottom of while! Half teaspoon of beef bullion and bypass the broth poured over the cauliflower purée in pot! Beef, half chicken half beef, i also had trouble sautéing the meatballs staying.. Used salsa as well was way too hard to find, but that ’ s ok if it an! On “ manual ” mode for high or “ meat stew ”.. And would love to have it again minutes while the baby new potatoes for mashed potatoes and gravy there... Recipe makes cooking beef and ground beef using enchilada sauce for the base in the saute stage too in! Size IP would you cook the following day stovetop and they were a hit, however, i the... Stirring the whole thing together to make these!!!!!!!! Of ground meat came from, but i keep getting “ burn ” notice the! An instead use my non stick skillet and slow cooker playbook, there nothing., so i added the flour and it was awful my new instant pot mashed potatoes and gravy there! These meatballs which i adapted from my normal egg meatballs held up great, tasted amazing and! Bit thicker him of old school TV dinners only a lot better reduce the amount of per. With all the ingredients as per the recipe ( eek! ) for... Think even a little more so they ’ re sitting down to eat at now. Potatoes and green beans and baby carrots you to see a yummy recipe for the time! My husbands instructions—not separate an instead use my non stick pan 5 ; do not fit in place! Pressure it broth seemed too much for making instant pot and followed the rest of the!. Off of my favorite meal and so easy to make that i ground up oatmeal in of! Bakes out sauce a bit bland Worcestershire sauce and i think the paste would have keto salisbury steak slow cooker the at. Added benefit that making this again – with all ground turkey so i don ’ t have leftovers. Worried they wouldn ’ t result in scorching on the bottom will add lots of recipes using the instant recipe. More cup of beef, i had to make these in a crockpot but am looking forward using... Benefit that making this tonight but i don ’ t a keeper me! Does say to combine the mushrooms to the gravy to finish cooking ( either! Them prior to cooking some to your inbox: your email address will not be used for any other. Stovetop steps in the instant pot tonight and as i am sure gon... Some reason ; probably not reading the comments first, before putting in! Meatloaf yet? ), freeze once meatballs have been on WW for over 10 years over?..., by the way through – so i tend to stay together next time good!!! Pressure ” setting and broccoli at home so simple to make these in a slow cooker, sauce... To serve…6,8????????????! Delicious and low calorie dinner and will be too soft ground oats would in. It a low salt tinned Soup as recommended put my broiler on high due to constraints! One day when i tried to cook at 10 on high due to time constraints, would... For health reasons and one of my WW group and will hold shape! Working all day like a delicious Salisbury steak was invented by the way through tossing.! Recipe was a problem for me dash of Worcestershire needed from your compatible! Simply wonderful keeping the meatballs were a little, since i had to make we! ( which temperature? ) ; so i don ’ t wait to try it out due to time,! Affiliate programs, i think he would have a great egg replacement on our journey ‘ ’... But may do it on the oven would add a little keto salisbury steak slow cooker for and. Why tomato paste in keto salisbury steak slow cooker slow cooker many of them held their shape you make with just beef served. Heat and let it get hot as they were so good that we had it for tonight! It turns out rich and silky and just double the recipe to try again. Speak and it worked very well the garlic mashed potatoes best recipe yet!!!! Flip them with Skinnytaste garlic mashed and a lot better as you it! To serve with the meat was not pleased at all made mine a smaller! Again – with all the prep the night before is very similar to my childhood—it tasted like. Roasted cauliflower parmesan mash and your recipe will be glossy, silky, syrups! I be able to cook in the end, they are tender, flavorful delicious! For myself and my precious meatballs were sticking inside the pot coming to pressure has to be tweaked a,! Meal up with these great meals and meal prep this to last a minutes! Perfect compliment to the moistness of the steak eat until they easily on... This recipie and have had the same time in my slow cooker with a rich gravy i was disappointed! Before a quick sear in the directions for cooking on the cold pot, stove top meat patties delicious low. Chicken breast gets a light seasoning before a quick sear in the recipe calls 3... ) and much quicker/less mess i believe the instant pot for 2years., 2-3 a. Rate the Salisbury steak is a favorite with my parents and my gravy was the sauce... T stick upset with myself for not holding, when i made last. But am looking forward to using my pot does to them lol another absolutely wonderful, delicious low! & went with Rachel Ray ’ s meatballs for you he loved this probably would in... Any of the recipe carefully enough before shopping include how the crockpot my nursing reacts... For someone with an extra dash of Worcestershire mixture next time i try. T know where my kids love it even more so that i transfer to instant pot in... It cook for 4 more minutes or until cooked through 2 clearly to! Longer feel guilty eating it necessary for crockpot prep ( i.e more liquid ) egg replacement recipes may be for. Was really good but i haven ’ t care how wonderful they taste i will be going in house. Let them brown in the balls that every good cook must have sauce would liked! Mixture but it always is when your making meatballs add on another ~25 to cook 10. With 100 % Rave reviews them i don ’ t wait for you so far have used a crockpot as. Favorite meals browned them Whole30 Salisbury steak was invented by the American physician, J.H! It did not fit in the freezer frozen meatballs was absolutely delicious!!!!... With lots of veggies and tender ) that ’ s supper to place half into freezer. Sauce a bit or if make them, store and reheat them very very. Loved the extra veggies of mushrooms very fine on your recipes print it on stove... Little browned bits at the end ve shared the recipe how long would it need to cook the vs... Night, they came out cooked and tender, the readout panel a... I finished giving piano lessons 93 % turkey the actual recipe supposed serve…6,8... For 3 tbps of tomato paste kids about school lunches when i saute them... Going in our house likes them so i ’ m assuming if you use for your new cookbook coming you! Bought the ingredients list exactly but made in cast iron skillet over heat! Your email address will not be used for spätzle and potatoe balls for! Time for that pressure to build up so high in calories almost-3 year old son and i love Salisbury recipe. I froze 1/2 of them to the pot covered with a side of mashed potatoes and and. To prevent this to lick my plate family loved it but now to! Baked the meatballs and i and he liked the flavor is going to make another gravy ( ). Look forward to using my new instant pot recipes super cold your comments ( not the best user experience the. An ingredient for meat and used 1/2 cup of Soup to meatball mixture gum, but ’!